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Keeping pace with our changing culture on origins [Excerpts]

April – June 2005

There are many scientists, other than Christian ones, who have enormous problems with the evolutionary idea that life arose by chance. To date, the only alternative theory of origins -- namely creation -- remains unacceptable to many because it invokes a righteous God and subsequent accountability for our actions. Today, a strange 'otherworldly' mingling of these beliefs has catapulted itself into the minds of the masses -- including the idea that intelligent extraterrestrials (ETs) are the creators.

Mankind has only just begun to comprehend what lies outside of his earthly home. Deep space telescopes confirm that the universe is an unimaginably 'big place'. But rather than this increasing our awe of the One who made it all, most believe that life must exist elsewhere (including many Christians who think God may have created ETs). The big bang and evolution are the driving forces behind this idea of evolution elsewhere in the universe. This theme is now firmly embedded in our popular culture (movies etc.).

In the same way that much of the church was asleep to the danger of evolution and failed to provide answers to those who were being saturated with evolutionary ideas, this new threat is already bigger than most realize. This is not a side issue for the church. This new saturation is creating beliefs that are spreading rapidly and challenging (even being incorporated in) the church.

Whatever 'flavour' such beliefs take, the result is usually the same -- an abandonment of the Bible's real history. In many ways, the UFO phenomenon is more insidious than humanistic ideas that openly oppose the church. Many UFO believers seemingly hold the Bible in high regard and love nothing more than quoting Scripture while weaving in a UFO or two. Because of the belief in a very old universe and that aliens could have evolved elsewhere, it is expected that these extraterrestrials could be millions, or even billions, of years 'more advanced' in their technology. (http://www.answersingenesis.org/docs2005/0806cutting_edge.asp).