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TBC Staff

Ex-Muslim Defends Franklin Graham's Islam Remarks [Excerpts]

The granddaughter of a mullah weighed in on the Franklin Graham controversy this week, contending that there is a difference between criticizing Islam and Muslims.

Graham and others like him who criticize Islam are not saying they hate Muslims, said Sabatina James, a well-known Paskistani convert to Christianity who lives in Europe, in an interview with The Christian Post on Wednesday.

“Make the difference between sin and sinner,” said James, "between Islam and Muslims. Don’t say that every Muslim is a terrorist and every Muslim is bad because that is just not true. But there are definitely things that need to be changed in Islam or else you can’t live in a democracy.”

James, who is living under police protection and constantly on the move because of death threats against her, said Islamic rights do not fit in a country like the United States.

“Nobody is allowed to beat up his wife just because she’s not obedient but that is written in the Quran,” she said. “You know you have to think about it.”

“Is there a different Quran? No they are teaching the same Quran where it is written 'beat your wife if she is not obedient.' They are teaching the same Quran where it is written 'the Christians and Jewish people are evil.' It is written in the Surah Al-Maidah. It is written there 'don’t take Jewish and Christian people as your friend.' That is what you are taught in the Quran schools.”

James’ paternal grandfather was a mullah in Pakistan and she was brought up to read the Quran in Arabic every day and pray five times a day. She pointed to the fourth Surah (chapter), verse 34 in the Quran that said if your wife is not obedient then you are allowed to beat her.

The former devout Muslim, who even prayed as a child for the courage to die for Allah one day, said if someone like Franklin Graham reads or hears these passages she “can’t imagine him not getting upset by that.”