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How Bush Became a Religious Zealot in His Critics' Eyes

WASHINGTON -- George W. Bush, a man with deep Christian convictions, invariably includes Jews and Muslims when he speaks of religion, and welcomes the “faith of every person.” He even goes the extra mile for agnostics and atheists. The day after he claimed a second term, Bush volunteered that people with no faith are just as American as he is. "No president," Bush declared, "should ever try to impose religion on our society." But that is precisely what a sizable number of his critics accuse him of doing. In significant quarters of the nation and overseas, Bush provokes suspicion that, in its most exaggerated form, sees a zealot in the Oval Office -- one intent on remaking his country and the world. What's at work here? The historical record shows Bush's language on God and faith is like that of most presidents -- and perhaps more temperate. (Rios, "Religion News Service," 11/24/04).

[TBC: Unfortunately for Mr. Bush, our society has decayed to the point that any reference to deity (and consequently accountability) cannot be tolerated by those whose mantra is "tolerance".]