Question (typical of several): Dave, I’m reading your latest book, A Woman Rides the Beast....It's not being carried here in Orange County....Are you being boycotted? |

TBC Staff

Question (typical of several): Dave, I’m reading your latest book, A Woman Rides the Beast. Your research is so thorough, your logic so persuasive, your style so interesting—by God’ s grace it’ s a “classic.” May God give it a wide reading. It’s not being carried here in Orange County [CA] in the stores that used to carry all your books. Are you being boycotted?

Response: Seemingly, yes. Many Christian bookstores won’t carry my latest book. They will order it if asked, but will not stock it on the shelves where customers could see it and it would be readily available. Yet those same stores carry books such as The Body by Charles Colson, which calls for union with Roman Catholicism, about which it presents favorable but false information. These stores also carry books by Catholic authors such as Keith Fournier and Peter Kreeft (who also call for union with Rome and promote favorable but false information about Catholicism) as well as magazines such as Christianity Today and Charisma and New Covenant, which likewise carry much false data favorable to Catholicism. Yet they won’t carry an opposing view.

The Bookstore Journal (official magazine of the Christian Booksellers Association) presented the blatant lie in a cover article by Peter Kreeft that Catholics don’t pray to Mary, and it encourages Christian bookstores to cater to the Catholic market. Does commercialism rule? Are profits more important than truth? Do Christian bookstore owners not care that Catholic customers are being deceived by a false gospel, and that evangelicals are being prevented from giving the true gospel to them?

It grieves me that in a land where even secular society protects freedom of conscience, speech and press, Christian bookstores would suppress the truth and deliberately keep vital, factual information from their customers. Perhaps our readers can shame their local bookstores into carrying A Woman Rides the Beast. What could be more fair than displaying books favorable to Roman Catholicism along with copies of Woman to give the other side? Please pray and do whatever you can to gain a wider circulation for the book.