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Early in the 19th century, the French Academy of Sciences declared that the Bible was wrong on at least 85 points. They said they had proofs! Today, every one of those 85 alleged mistakes has been clarified [the Bible was right, science wrong], partly because science has changed for the better. The Bible has not changed....Scientific theories have shifted as sand dunes; the Bible stands as a great rock in a weary land.

—S. E. Anderson

We shall with the sword of the Spirit maintain the whole truth as ours, and shall not accept a part of it as a grant from the enemies of God. The truth of God we will maintain as the truth of God, and we shall not retain it because the philosophic mind consents to our doing so. If scientists agree to our believing a part of the Bible, we thank them for nothing: we believe it whether or no. Their assent is of no more consequence to our faith than...the consent of the mole to the eagle’s sight. God being with us we shall not cease from this glorying, but will hold the whole of revealed truth even to the end.

—Charles Haddon Spurgeon, The Greatest Fight in the World