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TBC Staff

Dear Dave and Tom,
I was listening to an old radio program from 6/20/04 in which a letter was read as follows: "Don't you guys realize that you are trashing many good brothers in the Lord by your attacks on Calvinism and The Passion of the Christ? Your judgmental approach is part of the reason nonbelievers have such a low view of Christianity." I could not disagree more. I do not find [you] to be judgmental at all. I think it takes a great deal of boldness to present the facts and contend for what you believe. I am a 22-year-old woman and I have a very sinful past....I know for a fact that the most repulsive thing to a non-Christian is a Christian who tries to be cool. People have more respect for what you believe if you are not willing to compromise it—even if they disagree and even hate you for it. If you are wishy-washy, they see you as pathetic and not confident about what you claim to believe. SW (South Australia)

To those faithfully serving at TBC,
It is true to say that the Holy Spirit reveals the depths of the Son, but sad to see the growth of ignorance in the minds of many. We were created to be a thinking people, yet many are happy to be entertained into slumber. Children are often more open to the truth than adults, but due to the rise of entertainment and occultism taking the place of real education, many young minds are dulled and hearts hardened early on....Many of your analogies have served as a framework to carefully explain the Gospel of God, glorifying God and His Word, allowing even youngsters to make an ‘informed' decision not merely based upon some emotional or pressured response. CH (KY)

Dear Sir or Madam,
In early August, my mother suddenly became very ill and unable to read, talk or eat....In September she died....Mother was a devout and extremely generous Christian who gave to many...nonprofit organizations. Thus, in early August, when medical bills began mounting and Mother was unable to open her mail or be read to, I wrote to each of her charities asking that she be removed from their mailing list....Only "Jane" of the The Berean Call sent me a sympathy card. [We] will be forever grateful for this card and thoughtfulness....Mother was an....avid Bible scholar. She sent me literature published by TBC and we spent many hours discussing the views expressed therein. TBC helped shape her positions on many issues hotly debated among Christians today....In some cases, her opinions differed from those expressed in TBC literature. In other cases, it was "This is all very interesting, but evidence is way too weak to reach any conclusion one way or another. Perhaps the passage of time and additional biblical research will help me make up my mind." Whether she agreed with TBC or not, she liked the research and reasoning that went into its opinions on matters. MM (MN)

Dear TBC,
I've been following the ongoing debate on Calvinism. I use John MacArthur's study Bible daily and feel compelled to add one of his statements from notes on John:6:40: "Intellectually harmonizing the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man is impossible humanly, but perfectly resolved in the infinite mind of God." Is it possible that we many not be able to fully put our arms of understanding around God's election and our choice? In these days of "a dry and thirsty land" in most church pulpits, I am thankful for teachers and writers like John MacArthur, RC Sproul, and Piper. BP (TX)

Greetings in His Name,
As I read The Berean Call, I am reminded that in Psalm:138:2b it says God has magnified His Word "above all thy name." Yet all know that in most of "Christendom" this is far from true. While not always in complete agreement, I appreciate your writings that exalt our God and Savior Jesus Christ and His precious Word, speaking the truth in love. BW (MO)

Dear Friends,
Please cancel my subscription to the paper edition of The Berean Call. Dave's continued rant about "Calvinism" is so inaccurate (dishonest?) and misguided that I can no longer trust the accuracy of his reports concerning other subjects like Catholicism and Islam. CL (MO)

Mr. Hunt,
You are truly a beacon of light in a dark world. I eagerly anticipate your weekly radio show and your monthly newsletter. My family and I do not currently attend a church. For the last few months, we have met at home. We are praying that God will join us with other families and begin a New Testament assembly. The churches in my area have fallen away. Our former church has become ecumenical and has joined Catholics and others in evangelization. They have rock music in the children's and youth ministries. Richard Foster and Rick Warren have been embraced in the last few months—and there are many more things too numerous to mention. And it is often viewed as the most conservative church in its Southern Baptist Association. JA (KY)