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TBC Staff

Berean Call:
I love TBC. It keeps me informed on the issues that the fundamentalist sect of Christianity is concerned with....I'm an "informed atheist" in that I'm just as knowledgeable about the Bible, its god and related subjects as either Dave or T.A. Tell Dave as per his request I read In Six Days. That book confirmed why sectarian religious views and science are incompatible. I was saddened at the waste of the 50 authors' minds. As you are aware, the greatest enemy of religion is reason (Martin Luther), for it exposes "faith" as the emperor's new clothes that it is. All one has to do to overthrow atheism/other schools of thought is to obey Paul when he says the gospel isn't word only, but a demonstration of the Spirit's power. How hard can it be for an In-Six-Days god to put arms, legs, and other missing body parts on the fine Christian men/women who were deceived by Bush to fight for God and country in Iraq? Perhaps Biblegod could "stop" the sun-which Hezekiah says is a "light" thing....Even something as easy as causing an iron axehead to "swim" will suffice. How hard can any of this be for a real God? (Humans making excuses for their God's inaction is unworthy of a real, divine being.) Man has invented close to 6,000,000 gods! All of you at The Berean Call are atheists concerning all but one! I have simply added that one to the pile of would-be gods. Love your newsletter. HB (AZ)[See March issue for response]

Dear Dave Hunt,
Please send TBC to my son and his wife also.Your books have been a real wake-up call to their Christian life and the church we at one time all belonged to. It has gone over to Rick Warren's "biblical truth" and Richard Foster's contemplative prayer. I no longer attend. I know this evil for what it is. The Lord Jesus Christ led me from 13 years as a Hindu disciple by reading the Bible on my own and then leading me to a church and baptism. At present, I attend an evangelical church and count myself blessed to see, hear, and be taught nothing but Scripture... WB (England)

Dear Staff of Berean Call,
A letter from 2006 said, "Catholics don't pray to Mary, they pray through Mary to God." While I think Mary was blessed...to have been chosen to bear the only begotten Son of God, she is not to be venerated. God alone receives our prayers and worship. While Catholics may use wordplay for continuing to advocate Mary's importance, the Word of God says there is one mediator between man and God-the Man Jesus Christ. My life of sin led to sentences totaling 85 years, with little hope of ever being released. But God's grace set me free from the bondage of sin and death, and soon I shall be free to walk the streets as well. The Word of God as found in the Holy Scriptures is the only truth I need. MK (prisoner, TX)