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TBC Staff

Thanks for your letter. In these days you and your staff are a necessary voice for the gospel. Your Berean Call articles are better than going to college. I have several years' worth and I can talk to anyone with the information therein. If the trumpet blows before you get this note, I'll tell you in person. WS (FL)

Dear Mr. Hunt,
I just finished reading your book A Woman Rides the Beast. I thought it was extremely well researched and written-the best book I've read on Catholicism. This is coming from an ex-Catholic who is still in some state of shock over these revelations about the Church that I once thought was the only way to God....We never owned or read the Bible....I never really understood why Christ died for our sins....The saddest part...is that there are millions of people who have inherited their "faith" from their parents, grandparents..., etc., who have never questioned what they believe.... JD (email)

For about 10 years I have been listening and reading your materials and I could not overestimate what it was and is for me. We in Poland are facing Catholicism more than anybody, but it is not the biggest hardship we have to deal with. A flood of humanism and psychology are coming to the church and evangelicals swallow that incredibly easily. Nobody is warning, nobody is shouting that we are losing the essence of the Gospel-Christ-centered life of the cross! The recent flow is to eliminate the concept of the rapture as a non-biblical and naïve idea! RR (Poland)

Dear Spiritual Family,
I'm just writing this brief letter to express my gratitude to you for sharing "the Word" through TBC. I have been receiving your monthly newsletter and it has been an eye opener to me. Thank you again and again for the free subscription. DM (prisoner, IL)

Dear Dave and Tom,
Thank you so much for your wonderful, God ordained ministry. [It] reminds me so much of the work of John the Baptizer-a lone voice crying in the wilderness....My husband and I are both converted Catholics (Roman), and are appalled at the lack of discernment within the so-called "fundamental Christian" circles when it comes to analyzing the former pope, John Paul, or Mother Teresa and her writings, and even graven images set up as aids to worship-so contrary to Scripture. MA (GA)

Dear Br. Dave,
The article you wrote titled, "According to the Scriptures" [12/07] was great and one that has needed to be written and brought to the public's attention. You just don't find things like that on Fox News, CNN, or local papers. I know in writing something like that you put your life on the line and I respect you very much for doing so. I have passed on copies of what you wrote....The pressure Bush and Rice have been placing on Israel to give up land on a promise of peace at the Annapolis Summit and the handling of the border situation has been just too much....Thank you for printing such a clear and uncompromising article. It is just too bad more preachers are not bringing these truths to their congregations. Keep up the good work. JL (OR)