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I would just like to say thank you to Dave and Tom for all the great teachings. I've loved learning the Book of Acts MP3, and reading A Woman Rides the Beast, A Cup of Trembling, The Seduction of Christianity, and Occult Invasion....I felt so alone until God let me know that I had brothers who could also see through the multifaceted Apostate church. Thank you and bless you all at this ministry. You will remain in my prayers. AD (Australia)

Dear Mr. Hunt,
I would like to just take this time to thank you and the ministry for the newsletters that I have been receiving over the years. I realize that ministry costs are high. I will gladly read them online from now on....I have always looked forward to reading each newsletter each month. Each one has ministered to me as I having been passing on each thing I have learned. The seed you sow has a far more reaching impact than you can ever know. People that don't subscribe or even want to subscribe to your newsletter still get truth revealed to them. People listen, but as you know, don't respond to God's calling. I have received my last printed newsletter and, as usual, it was a great blessing. T. A's article, "The Jesus the World Loves" really spoke to my heart. Thank you again for past newsletters. I will continue to read them online. TT (email)

Dear Mr. Hunt,
We found your film Israel, Islam, and Armaggedon on the Internet. Watching it made me wanna cry and made me want to start something (as an Israeli) in order to stop the hate for Jews...understanding that Christian and Jew should be the same in their belief in Jesus and united in front of the real evil that's about to face all of us real soonthe Islamic terror and goal. MB (email)

Dear Dave, Tom, and Friends,
After reading Ezekiel 2...you immediately came to mind. This chapter finds God sending Ezekiel to the nation of Israel, at least that part in exile with him, and specifically to a group that are "comprised of the most gifted, the most learned, the most noble, the most privileged." But by contrast, God pronounces them "obstinate and stubborn." This certainly sounds like many evangelical leaders who are slipping away in the emergent church movement. Ezekiel was obedient to pass on only that which the Sovereign Lord tells him to say, whether they listened or notgood counsel for us....As far as I'm concerned, you are the Ezekiel of our day, speaking God's word to churches in declension and a society in decline. I have received your newsletter for years and own many of your books. The Lord has used you all to keep me on a biblical track with teaching and counseling in the ministry which God has privileged me to serve. "Thank you" is scarcely sufficient to express my deep gratitude to God and to you for your obedient service. DC (CA)

Dear Dave, Tom, and the Staff of TBC,
After listening to Search the Scriptures Daily on the radio for the past two years, and receiving The Berean Call newsletter for several months now, I finally had to drop you a note. Though I have been a Christian most of my life, my eyes were not really opened to the simple truth of the Gospel and its message of salvation until I began listening to your radio program and the...pastors on K-WVE, a local Christian radio station....I know you receive a lot of negative response to your work, but with the strength and guidance our Lord Jesus Christ provides you, I know you will continue to do your best to present the truth of the Bible. TC (CA)

Dear Brother Dave Hunt,
Your video Israel, Islam, and Armageddon has literally renewed my life this last day of 2008. I wish I could meet you to thank you in person. God bless you so much. LS (Brazil)

Dear Fellow Bereans,
Another new year is upon us and we wait eagerly, vigilantly, for the Lord's return to inaugurate His visible, literal reign over all the world, from the kingdom in Israel, from Jerusalem, upon the throne of His father David. In the meanwhile, may I encourage you to press onward, not looking back but forward toward the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus! As often as I am confronted by the allegorical symbolization of Scripture, I'm still shocked by those who would deny the clear literal teachings of Scripture. I'm currently reading through the section of L. S. Chafer's Systematic Theology on Christology, specifically the literal Millennial Reign of Christ, and it's refreshing to see the Truth extolled. It is no less refreshing to see the Truth heralded boldly by those at TBC. The Lord bless you all! JF (AZ)