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Berean Call,
I have read some of the content of your website, and I have come to the conclusion that much of what is written here exemplifies illegitimate claims—I refer specifically to your post [from the radio program], “The Changes in Christianity Over Time” [in] Contending for the Faith. You express a very anti-Catholic viewpoint, treating Catholicism as if it is somehow less legitimate than Protestantism.

Catholicism was the first organized form of Christianity, and certainly has had a rocky history involving the Crusades and the political agenda of the Pope surpassing the spiritual quality of Christianity. However, I also find it incredibly unfair for you to judge Catholics for actions perpetrated thousands of years ago. You have no right to perpetuate prejudice against Catholics because Catholics “used to burn us at the stake.” That’s the equivalent of a black man saying, “I shouldn’t have to consider whites my social equal because 150 years ago, blacks were treated as second-class citizens.” In the case of race, such an attitude is called “racism.”

...Additionally, Protestantism has just as much of a horrifying history as Catholicism. It was Protestants who used the Bible to defend slavery, quoting, “Slaves obey your masters,” and Protestants who hanged accused witches in Salem, Massachusetts, in the 1690s. Your history is bloody and fraught with corruption....Candidates for public office abuse Christianity in order to gain political power.... AA (email)

Dear Dave,
I just finished your book A Woman Rides the Beast and I must say thank you and Praise the Lord for your scholarly work. It just defies logic how [the] world can be so deceived about the RCC. The fact that they accept and believe in the RCC testifies to the fact that most people don’t read the Holy Bible, and if they do read it, they don’t really believe it. Thank you again, and may the Almighty God of the Bible and His Son Jesus Christ keep you thru the power of His Holy Spirit as you serve Him daily. NL (email)

Dear Friends…Dave, Tom, and all,
Please accept my thanks and gratitude for The Berean Call and your continued faithfulness and integrity as you address various issues. What a thrill to read the “Letters”—especially from prisoners whose lives are being changed. You are a blessing to me and to so many, many others. LP (WA)

Dear Dave,
I don’t have a question, but I do have a strong recommendation. I am currently half way through reading your book Beyond Seduction—A Return to Biblical Christianity. I bought this book through a third party on Amazon.com. [It] is well written and needs to be out in circulation again. I know you have put a few of your older books…in circulation again and would recommend this book to be [reissued] as well. You did a great job identifying the myths and lies that are now promoted as a blend of Christianity. Everything you say in that book makes good biblical sense. Every Christian who loves God’s truth (the real truth) should read this book….Beyond Seduction does a good job at putting the lie and the truth side by side so that it can easily be examined scripturally….Thank you for standing in the gap and being a light so that those who really want to know God’s truth can be better equipped to stand against the deception. JS (email)

Dear T. A. McMahon,
I’m a 65-year-old born-again Christian and...have been saved seven years to date. It was the best decision I have ever made. Sorry to say that I am a prisoner….[Rick Warren] is endorsing many Bible studies and different programs on this prison yard. One is Celebrate Recovery…a 12-step program that is based on biblical scripture, so they say. By your article in the Berean Call (Aug ’11), it seems to me that Rick Warren is mixing bad with good. I see compromise in what he is doing. I feel as “Genuine” Christians we do not need 12-step programs when we have 66 books of God’s word. I’m asking for any information on Rick Warren so I can go to the chaplain and stand up for the truth. Any help from you would be a blessing. Your publication (over the last few years I’ve been getting it) has really helped me grow in my knowledge about the Truth. Thanks to you and Mr. Hunt for all that you do. May He keep blessing your desire to expose the false teachings of many. LK (CA, prisoner)

Mr. Hunt,
Thank you for your excellent and eye-opening book on Calvinism. I bought a copy in 2006 but never fully read it until 2010—stupid me! If I had read it earlier I would not have been caught up in that false system for over four years.

God bless you for standing up for the truth of God’s Holy and Inerrant Word. Calvinism is nothing more than a man-made, high intellectual, philosophical attack on the God of the Bible. In short, it is modern day Gnosticism! Again, thank you, and as always: Acts:17:11 and 2 Timothy:2:15! MC (email)

Dear Dave, Tom, and Staff,
The Berean Call has been a source of truth and light in our lives for many years and we are deeply appreciative of and indebted to you for your selfless and tireless service. May our God continue to abundantly bless you and the work of your hearts and hands. R&LH (TX)

Dear brother in Christ,
I am missing your lectures here in Brasil. My wife has translated some of your books, like Battle for the Mind, to Portuguese. I hope we can meet again. We really are in a fierce battle. As Jesus’ followers we need to pray for each other. My Lord sustain your faith and health, not only you but all your family! LC (Brazil)

Dear Berean Staff,
Just wanted to let you know what a blessing your publication is to me. I learned a lot in [the September] issue and am grateful for your steadfast stand on “what does the Bible say?” It arrived today, and I read it cover to cover immediately! My late father, a conservative, evangelical minister, never wavered in his proclamation of Biblical truth, and your newsletter is an encouragement and comfort to me because it reinforces what he taught me. My prayer is that I will stay true to God’s Word, the Bible, and be steadfast against all the heresy being followed today. I regret to say I was a member of a Christian Reformed Church for several years, not realizing just how far away from Scripture they have strayed. Through reading your publication and attending a Biblical Worldview Reunion Weekend in Branson, MO…my “spiritual senses” have been greatly sharpened. THANK YOU! God bless and keep you all as you proclaim God’s truth boldly. RR (IL)

Dear TBC,
I listened to “God’s Plan for the Clueless” and thoroughly enjoyed Tom’s testimony! Fascinating stuff! Thank you for giving us the opportunity of learning the background of your work and the wonderful beginnings of the work of TBC. I continue in prayer for this special ministry and the team members who “make it happen”!! RN (United Kingdom)

Dear Dave,
I just wanted to say what a brilliant book [Cosmos, Creator, and Human Destiny] that absolutely slams down Dawkins and his fellow atheists who do worship their tiny god—Darwin. This book was an answer to my prayers—that someone would write a book against Dawkins’s deluded books. No one else could have written such a masterful and wonderful put down of Dawkins….One suggestion I have to Dave is that someone should do a computer study of the population of planet earth at present and program back to 3.2 million years ago. If we came from two parents 3.2 million years ago we would be walking on nothing but bones fifty feet high. Thanks to the Lord for Dave’s brilliant book. KS (CA)

Dear Dave, T. A. & Staff,
What a blessing you dear servants have been [and are] to my wife and me these many years. Your many warnings & teaching the truth have added so much to our blessed assurance. May God restore you and bless you in good health. GC (OK)

Dear Mr. McMahon,
We have been receiving your newsletters now for several years and find much of what you write about to be right and helpful.  However, with your ever increasing attacks on Calvinism, we can no longer (in good conscience) read your writing and agree. As another wrote in regarding your unhealthy bias against Calvinism in the September newsletter....I believe you really don’t know exactly what you are talking about. Most people we meet who are confused about exactly what the Bible teaches, just throw out the term “Calvinism” and shut themselves off to really understanding.

This month, your comments about unbiblical beliefs coming from Augustine, Martin Luther and John Calvin are disturbing. The Catholic Church you warn so much about, would still be prevailing if God did not use these men during the Reformation. You are off base and spreading a deadly poison straight from the pit of hell.

Your arrogance is oozing out and it is no surprise. Most people that reject Biblical truth, such as Total Depravity, usually are most prideful, because they see themselves as just a little bit better than the rest, since they were not totally dead in their sin and had the ability to Choose God. We will pray for you and ask that you no longer waste the ink or a stamp to mail us your newsletter. You are hindering the unity of the Church, of which you will give an account. AF (email)

Paul, in 2 Corinthians:12:4 spoke of things unspeakable when he tried to describe the third heaven. The work you do at TBC, rightfully dividing the word of truth, I can’t begin to describe the joy that fills my soul with each communication from your ministry. When someone tries to condemn you on some topic, my ears go up, but I always find that they didn’t do good research, or they are offended because you exposed their error. I love TBC! We thank the Lord for you. JM (PA)

Dear T. A.,
I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for your excellent article, “Is Your Eschatology Showing?” in the October issue of TBC. Indeed, “How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things” (Rom:10:15, emphasis mine). The last part of this verse aptly describes that “blessed hope” (Titus:2:12-13) of every born-again child of God, in his heart of hearts, as he makes his way through this spiritually sick and dying world—the expectancy of our Lord’s soon return for us, His Bride, and to govern this world in Righteousness. Sadly, this is the very thing that is today sorely missing from the proclamation of the gospel in our churches….Today, the name “Christian” has unfortunately become almost a household word in our society and often means nothing more than just another political affiliation or a worldview, little different from that of the “religious” advocates within the Judaism of Jesus’ day. Oh, that as you say, may our true biblical eschatology show! OF (CA)