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McMahon, T.A.

TBC 2013 Conference Date

We have finalized the dates for our conference this year and are quite excited about the opportunity to bring some terrific speakers to Bend for your spiritual edification. Our emphasis this year is ministering to young adults, an audience that has been missing from our past conferences. That is a common dilemma for conferences that major in biblical doctrine (apologetics, prophecy, hermeneutics, etc.), yet a knowledge of sound doctrine is critical in our day and especially in the days ahead for the next generation.

I was thinking of declaring that the conference will be free for everyone 30 and under and for everyone over 30 who brings someone 30 or under. However, the conference is free for everyone, so I can’t enforce my wishful proposal. Nevertheless, I can still beg for one and all to bring young adults. I can guarantee that they won’t be disappointed by the speakers and the topics: Carl Kerby (Creation vs. Evolution), Mark Cahill (Witnessing), David James (Hermeneutics), Keith Gibson (Cults), Paul Wilkinson (Israel and Prophecy), T. A. McMahon (Psychology vs. Scripture). The dates are Friday, August 23, and Saturday, August 24, 2013.  Bend is at its “summer best” in August. Please join us!

“Radio” Returns

As most of you know, we ceased doing radio when it became too difficult for Dave Hunt because of his health issues, yet some stations were gracious enough to replay archived programs of Search the Scriptures Daily. Starting in February, we will begin a new program titled Search the Scriptures 24•7. Rather than returning to radio broadcasting, however, each 30-minute episode will be posted on our website each week with the goal of increasing to two programs per week later in the year.

Our format will primarily feature interviews geared to encourage discernment by focusing on unbiblical teachings and trends that are currently influencing great numbers of those in Christendom. The guests will be individuals who are knowledgeable of the issues and equipped to address them biblically. Look for Search the Scriptures 24•7 on TBC’s website.

T. A. McMahon
Executive Director