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McMahon, T.A.

Staying the Course

I guess it’s natural that when one person succeeds another in ministry questions arise regarding perceived changes in the ministry. Certainly in our case there have been some changes, yet nothing has changed related to the doctrine and perspectives that Dave Hunt has held going back over the more than three decades that we worked together.

There have been some accusations made along those lines, but those making them don’t seem to know much about Dave’s views over the years. Although the accusers have not offered any documentation supporting the alleged changes, some declare that they know what Dave would have approved or disapproved.

For 38 years, my calling was to help Dave do what God called him to do: preach, teach, and write. As the Lord enabled, TBC developed into a very helpful support ministry that allowed Dave to fulfill his calling. Now that Dave is home with the Lord, our calling as a ministry is to take the books, sermons, radio programs, videos, and tracts that he produced by God’s grace and distribute them as widely as we can, with an emphasis upon getting Dave’s teachings from the Word of God out to the upcoming generation.

Obviously, as new issues arise in the church, new teachings contrary to the Scriptures, and new influences that the world has generated, I, among others here at TBC, will be addressing them. To that end, I have been privileged and am deeply thankful for the years of learning from Dave in the area of biblical discernment.

Most of the members of TBC’s Board of Directors have been involved with the ministry for more than a decade, and two of them from TBC’s start 20 years ago. As the executive director of the ministry, I am personally accountable to the Board, of which I am not a member. All of the Board members are fully aware of the adjusted goals of TBC since Dave’s passing, which center upon maintaining the integrity of his work. We covet your prayers that we will, by God’s grace, stay the course on which God directs us.

T. A. McMahon
Executive Director