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Thank you so much for your commitment to the truth in love. Our pastor [recently] declared that one could lose their salvation. I am so thankful for your “Once Saved, Always Saved” tract by Dave Hunt. LL (email)

I really enjoyed Tom’s interview with Gaylene Goodroad, whose comments regarding the occultic history of Asian martial arts gave me a great deal of food for thought in how I should proceed in my own martial arts journey. While I agree with Gaylene that Christians should not pursue arts which contain eastern mysticism, I disagree that Christians should not pursue styles that do not contain this occultic element. To do so would be a case of “throwing the baby out with the bathwater.” While I would agree that Christians should not train for fighting, e.g. MMA, I disagree that Christians should not train for self-defense. Self-defense is an entirely biblical concept, and to train to protect oneself or loved ones should not be discouraged. Thank you! DA (email)

I left a phone message but I wanted to also write to offer kudos on your recent broadcasts [on STS 24/7] regarding Hank Hanegraaff’s false teaching about “Christian Palestinianism.” Because he has jumped on this bandwagon I decided to act. Below is what I wrote to Bott Network regarding Hanegraaff:

“I have led a Men’s Bible Study here...for many years. I have always pointed members in that group—and everyone else I can—to the solid preaching and teaching found on the Bott Network. There is one reservation I have, though, and it is with Hank Hanegraaff. I have emailed and called you before regarding the anti-Biblical and anti-Jewish ‘replacement theology’ he teaches during his broadcasts.

“I contact you again because lately he has taken up the banner of ‘Christian Palestinianism,’ which is just the latest coloration of this corrosive, unbiblical, anti-Israel ‘theology.’ What Hanegraaff is promoting is NOT biblical and represents a stain on Bott Network’s otherwise exemplary Christian ministry....” BF (email)

Dear TBC,
God bless all of you and your work for the Lord. I’ve been reading secondhand issues of your newsletter for about ten years now and this is the first time I’ve written.

I came across your survey in the [Oct ’14] issue, so I had copies made and had all the guys in my Bible study fill it out [enclosed with letter]. Some answered the question on what qualifies one for heaven incorrectly. I talked with them personally later on and they had misunderstood [the question]. They are very new to the faith and the “qualify” part didn’t register with them.

Anyhow, I hope this helps with what you’re doing. I know it has given me some insight.... Keep contending for the faith. I hope to be joining the fight outside these walls [in 2015], after 27 long years. SB (CA, prisoner)

Dear Friends,
I just wanted to thank Berean Call in general. First, I would like to thank our dearly departed Dave Hunt. Also, all of the staff, Tom and everyone else. Thank you for helping me and my family to understand our Lord’s will. Thanks for holding steadfast in all your newsletters and books and tracts. Thanks for all the emails you send in various articles and messages and quotes from God’s Holy Word. Thanks, Berean Call, for sharing the hard truth..., and finally, thank you for loving our dear Lord in the way that we all should, by preaching and teaching love from God’s own heart! No watering down the gospel! JK (email)

Tom’s sermon [from CC Cypress] is causing many tears of joy, of sorrow, and conviction, but most definitely of love from our Lord Jesus Christ. Humbly and with tears I thank T. A. for the truth of God’s Word. Truly I am rich and blessed to be able via the Internet to get fed for I am not near a godly church in my area. To God be the Glory.  This discipleship is a lonely road because my family is not saved and I weep for them and they walk away from me. Thank you again, dear brother in Jesus Christ. CC (email)

Dear Tom,
I recently attended a Celebrate Recovery meeting. There was something about it that made me feel uncomfortable and sent up red flags, but I could not put my finger on it. It is hard for me to think clearly right now because I am going through a difficult time. I did some searching on the Internet and was so fortunate to find T. A. McMahon’s article on Celebrate Recovery! That helps me understand what made me feel uncomfortable except I couldn’t explain it much less express it. Thank you so much for your astute thoughts and wisdom and making the effort to write it down for the rest of us. BT (email)