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Dear Editor,
I wanted to write you to inform you of God’s power and how He answers prayers. From December 7 – 11, I’d been faced with various issues regarding Calvinism. R. C. Sproul had a series on it in the beginning of the month and it got a fellow brother of mine all confused and excited. I prayed about it all week….My friend and mentor had been talking to me about it all week and spoke about a book by Dave Hunt, What Love Is This? Friday night at mail call I received your December 2015 newsletter “The Enigma of Calvinism.” It mentioned Dave’s book. A prayer answered? Well, now comes the amazing part. Saturday morning, December 12, after a week of prayer, emotional tides, and discussions…What Love Is This? was left on a table in my dormitory by someone who had put it there for anyone to grab. There are no coincidences in God’s Kingdom! Thank you for your article. MM (CA, prisoner)

Dear Tom,
My wife and I would like to express our gratitude for the excellent services, teaching, information, and encouragement you have provided for us over the past 20 years. We enjoyed all the speakers at your 2015 conference in Bend and would like to thank you for your teaching on fellowship and finding a church in these dark last days. After coming back from Germany, where we had been for...three years, our prayers were answered [and we’ve found a church to attend]. The pastor is very young, outgoing, and loves the Lord and His people. This, combined with a solid knowledge from the Bible is a blessing from our Lord. A&VH (OR)

Berean Call Friends,
We eagerly look forward each month for your magazine to arrive. What a blessing you are to all of us! While it is difficult to say which article we most appreciate, the November 2015 article, “Pre- or Post-Trib Rapture?” deserves a special note of gratitude.

While we always sensed (since we left the Roman Church after 50 years) that the Rapture was separate from Jesus’ Second Coming, we were very unsure when in the Tribulation sequences the Rapture would take place. [Dave Hunt’s] article, with  solid Scripture references, cleared that up for us and gave us great hope and joy. We have shared that article with many. Thank you! D&MG (WA)

Thanks for the wonderful feature article on prayer and the biblical encouragement for my life of prayer! My wife and I will begin a regularly scheduled time allocated to serious prayer several times a week—particularly as a result of not finding others in church or otherwise with whom we can regularly join for prayer. Just because the formal groups don’t do so, doesn’t mean we should not adopt our own plans for joint prayer at home and with our families. We should not relegate such important business in the Lord to a “when we can get around to it” status. Your ministry continues to hit the mark! MR (IA)

Dear TBC,
Though I’m retired and need to stay within my budget constraints, my heart is to give a little where I’m most touched. I’ve always (for many years) appreciated your straightforward, honest, and biblical teaching. Though I do not have a computer, the old-fashioned way of communication still works. Blessings to you in Christ, while we wait on Him. MA (MT)

Dear Berean Call,
What a joy to be able to partner with you as you go into the prisons with your newsletter. When we read notes from those so touched by the sound doctrine offered—while incarcerated—we rejoice. God uses life’s circumstances to get us in places where our attention is turned toward Him. The Berean Call is a great tool. To God be the Glory! GP (TX)