Fewer Watchmen | thebereancall.org

TBC Staff

When God delivered me from darkness over 4 decades ago there were numerous Believers speaking the truth, warning about the advent of deceivers and other Endtimes dangers. However, I since have witnessed a significant decline in the number of individuals warning about the Endtimes. What was once a popular topic is currently regarded as negative and counterproductive to the Believer’s peace, prosperity, happiness, comfort, and “best life now” trend. I believe that it is actually more counterproductive to numerical growth in this time of Seeker and Emergent churches.

The blunt truth is that the overwhelming majority of professing Christians in our nation enjoy life in their self-ordered environments. Changes that involve any inconvenience or distraction from their delightful pastimes are not popular. They only want as much godliness as is required to be viewed as a valid Christian and then fill in the rest of their life with pleasing and comfortable things and activities. It appears that they are not convicted of yielding their minds and emotional systems over to stimulation by every form of entertainment of the world system. It is perplexing to witness professing Christians become possessed with delirium over sports and yet seldom respond to anointed preaching, teaching, writing, et cetera.

I view their compromise as extremely dangerous considering the period that we are in. The consequence is a permanently closed mind that cannot receive any critical information by the way of the eye or ear gates. The reality is that Christianity is critically stricken with heresy, and that the world system is near to being prepared for Antichrist. Those facts have completely escaped their detection. God in His great mercy continues to send people to warn them.

--Cedric H. Fisher