Former Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz Looking To Get Netflix, TV Deals |

TBC Staff

Carl Lentz, a former Hillsong pastor who stepped out of the office in the last quarter of 2020 allegedly seeks to rebuild his image by turning to the entertainment industry. The 33-year old former church leader reportedly tries to start a new life by seeking opportunities in the entertainment field.

Sources say that Lentz already reached out to several producers and studio executives. However, none of those he reached out to responded to him with a project yet.

Reports say that Lentz specifically tried to reach out to secure a role in a "faith-based Netflix series." He also seeks an opportunity to be part of a reality TV show. Yet none of his entertainment industry plans showed progress nor came close to happening as of the moment, KABC reported.

Insiders revealed that producers and studio executives choose not to touch him at the moment. It still remains unclear how long the entertainment executives would keep their hands off the former pastor.

"His name is bigger than ever and he knows that," a person who knows the details on the update said. "He's trying to use that for his advantage," the source added.

Another report previously surfaced that even before Lentz and his family moved to Los Angeles, he already started looking for opportunities in the industry. Sources said he was doing projects on some projects such as TV concepts on the West Coast before he and his family moved.

The former celebrity pastor has been away from the limelight for the past month after reportedly undergoing rehabilitation. In December, he underwent the "treatment at an outpatient facility that specializesin depression, anxiety, and pastoral burnout."

He went through the treatment after reports broke out on the internet and the mainstream media about his termination from the Hillsong church. Brian Houston, Hillsong founder and Global Senior Pastor, officially announced in November that the celebrity pastor who co-founded Hillsong's East Coast branch is relieved of his post due to moral failures, leadership issues, and breach of trust.

Houston however clarified that they do not want to diminish the good works that the former pastor did in the ministry. He added that they are confident that after a time of restoration and rest, God will use Lentz in another way although no longer in Hillsong church.

[TBC: Repentance with restoration is what a believer should seek, not an opportunity to make money. “For the Lord your God is gracious and merciful, and will not turn away his face from you, if ye return unto him” (2 Chronicles:30:9).]