[French Political Leader Le Pen] Ordered to Take Psychiatric Tests for Opposing Jihad Terror | thebereancall.org

TBC Staff

[On September 9, 2018] French “far right” (i.e., opposed to mass Muslim migration and French cultural and political suicide) leader Marine Le Pen [was] ordered by a French court to undergo a psychiatric examination in order to discover whether or not she “is capable of understanding remarks and answering questions.”

Why this doubt as to Le Pen’s mental competence? Because she “tweeted out gruesome propaganda images from terror group Isis that showed the bodies of people having been executed by the so-called Islamic State.”

And why did she do that? Out of a lurid fascination with blood and gore, or some secret sympathy for the Islamic State’s jihad? No. She tweeted out those images because her party was being likened to the Islamic State in the French media. In a bid to bring the national discussion back to some semblance of sanity, she pointed out – by means of visual aids – that her party was not behaving in the same way as the Islamic State, and not leaving a trail of bloodshed and death in its wake.

But that meant nothing to the French….She was charged with circulating “violent messages that incite terrorism or pornography or seriously harm human dignity.” And now, according to The [French News Blog] Local, “as part of their investigation it appears magistrates in Nanterre near Paris have ordered Le Pen to visit a psychiatrist for an expert assessment.” Adding to the Orwellian flavor of the whole scenario was the fact that this order was issued on September 11.

Le Pen is still trying to inject a note of sanity into this fantastically insane public discourse, stating: “I thought I had been through it all: well, no! For denouncing the horrors of Daesh (ISIS) by tweets the ‘justice system’ has referred me for a psychiatric assessment. How far will they go?!”

How far indeed? Le Pen is defiant: “Of course I will not go to this psychiatric assessment and I will wait to see how the magistrate intends to force me.” Indeed, we are all waiting. Now that the French authorities have begun to engage in the Soviet tactic of branding their opposition mentally incompetent, what other Soviet tactics will follow?

These kinds of scenarios are not hysterical fantasies anymore, if they ever were. If Le Pen is ordered to undergo psychiatric examination for the completely sane act of opposing the Islamic State and refuting claims that her movement is like it, then all bets are off. France, like Britain (where the police are devoting themselves to tracking down not just “hate crimes,” but “non-crime hate incidents,” i.e., thoughtcrimes, while actual crime rates skyrocket), is rapidly descending into totalitarianism, and there is no telling where it will end.

Will French authorities indeed come after Le Pen, and enforce this order? Will she be imprisoned for refusing it? Will others who declare that Islam is not a religion of peace and that mass Muslim migration into Europe is unwise be likewise declared insane and carted off to hospitals and/or prisons?....Le Pen also stated: “It’s really incredible. This regime is really starting to worry me.” You and me both, sister.

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