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TBC Staff

Full-Scale Replica of Noah's Ark Coming to Ky. Theme Park [Excerpts]

The completely wooden ark, which would measure 500 ft. across, 75 ft. wide and 45 ft. high, is slated to be unveiled in spring 2014 as one of the attractions of the proposed $150 million Ark Encounter theme park.

Developers of the project expect the venture to attract 1.6 million visitors in the first year and create about 900 jobs – music to Kentucky Governor Steve Bashear's ears.

"We are all very positive initially about this application. We don't really foresee any problems in getting it approved," said Bashear at a press conference on Wednesday announcing the venture.

"The law doesn't allow us to discriminate the subject matter of theme parks as long as it's legal and in good taste."

Ark Encounter, a limited liability company, has a contract for 800 acres of land in Williamstown in Grant County where the park will likely be built. Other than the ark, the amusement park will feature eight other attractions, including a 500-seat 5-D theater inside the Tower of Babel, a petting zoo, an aviary, and a model of what Jesus' hometown might have looked like.

Answers in Genesis, known for the popular Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky., is partnering with Ark Encounter to raise the $24.5 million needed to build the life-size ark.People can participate by donating $100 for a peg, $1,000 for a plank, or $5,000 for a beam to construct the ark.


(By Katherine T. Phan, Christian Post Reporter, 12/2/10).