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‘Global Warming for Dummies’ or Global Warming Propaganda? [Excerpts]

“Global Warming for Dummies,” a guide which claims to “sort out fact from fiction” about so-called global climate change, in reality contains numerous biased statements – in some cases advocating the censorship of opinions which differ from those of the authors.

The guide, authored by Elizabeth May of the Green Party of Canada and Zoë Caron of the Sierra Club of Canada, suggests a wide range of personal and government solutions to climate change. They take positions on tax policy, transportation policy, and population growth while dismissing opposing arguments and telling readers to avoid works produced by global warming skeptics.
One passage, on page 68, seems to indicate a necessity to reduce fertility among the world’s women – and that empowered women will naturally have fewer children.
“Luckily, population growth is slowing and should level off,” the book says. However, on the same page, May and Caron claim that: “It all depends on reducing fertility rates, which all depends on improving the economic, educational, and political status of women.”
The book also makes extensive suggestions for government actions in regard to the economy. On one hand, the authors say on page 145 that, “an excellent way for governments to encourage proper behavior (climate change-related or otherwise) is to offer incentives.” However, on page 156, they say, “Taxes can be a powerful disincentive to individuals and companies; stop polluting or you have to pay!”
The authors envision increased bicycle usage as an answer to global warming – even during extremely cold weather.
“A large percentage of city dwellers cycle contentedly throughout the cold and wet winters in Northern Europe,” the book states on page 152.

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