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TBC Staff

TBC: We received word that Paul Ciniraj, a Pastor in India had been attacked and severely beaten by militant Hindus. The Hindu Nationalists have long been known for their violent resistance to anything threatening their dominance. Pastor Paul was hospitalized and it was determined that his head injuries would require extensive treatment. He began recovery and was released from the hospital. Recently we received a followup message from his wife and thought it good to share the Lord's blessing with our readership.

"Today was a miracle. Five men came visit my husband. They from Panamvilla village. First this month they beaten my husband. Prayer hall they burned. They beaten believers. But last week one man's daughter shocked from lightning thunder. She in hospital. Now also unconcious.Another man's house burned from same lightning thunder. Saw this another man's wife became mad. So a Hindu astrologer told go ask God's man forgiveness. So from 130 miles away they came. First they afraid see my husaband. They stood outside gate. See them I and children afraid. Because we not knew why they came. Our doubt again they came disturb us. But my husband went to gate said enter home. They all cried. They said sorry. They repent. About Jesus my husband told. Why Jesus crucified my husband told. How Jesus risen he said. Full Gospel he taught. Five hours they with us. They kneel down.They accepted Jesus their Saviour. They said by mouth Jesus only their saviour. They all saved. To their head my husband put hands prayed. We together prayed. We ate lunch with them. Then they went. Praise God. We happy. God open doors. Glory His name. Again I thank your prayers. My children Besly, Hepzy, Lesly say greetings. They pray you all."

Your sister of Messiah Jesus love

Mrs. Mercy Ciniraj