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TBC Staff

HarperOne readies 'Green' Bible

HarperOne is scheduled to release what it says is the industry's first environmentally themed Bible, The Green Bible (NRSV), in fall 2008. The release will focus on the caring of the Earth through green-inked Scripture passages as well as input from Christian conservationists, theologians and practitioners and a "green trail guide" of Christian leaders through history.

"The Bible carries an important message about caring for the earth," said Mark Tauber, vice president and deputy publisher of HarperOne. "Going green has become a top concern among many Christians as they begin to see protecting all of creation as a biblical obligation. Our Green Bible offers them a new lens to identify how caring for creation comes right out of the Scriptures."

The Bible will be produced on special eco-friendly paper and cover material.

(Christian Retailing Newsletter, December 3, 2007)

[TBC: There is a vast difference between biblical "Stewardardship" and the paganism promoted by many in the environmental movement. We suggest the following article by Dave as a counterpoint: .]