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TBC Staff

Angriest hate-letters by Palestinian schoolchildren win contest 

WorldNetDaily  6/4/03: "My heart has turned into a sad block of pain. One day I will buy a weapon and I will blow away the fetters. I will propel my living-dead body into your arms, my father, and you will gather me into your hands." 

The rantings of a criminal psychopath or Mideast terrorist? No, it's from a prize-winning letter by seventh-grader Mahmoud Naji Chalilah, entered in a national children's letter-writing contest among Palestinians. 

As the world watches Palestinian, Israeli and U.S. leaders trying to negotiate a difficult peace today - after Arab nations reportedly agreed yesterday to condemn all terrorism for any reason - Palestinian authorities meanwhile are rewarding children for embracing violence and hate by honoring letters extolling those very themes in a recent youth writing contest, according to Palestinian Media Watch, which monitors the Palestinian press. 

The Palestinian Education Ministry selected 10 first-place winners out of a national pool of submissions to its letter-writing contest. The winning letters focus on the conflict with Israel, expressing pain, hatred and anger. None promotes peace, Media Watch says.