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[TBC: There are growing numbers of Christian television and radio stations who are broadcasting programs by cultic followers of the late Herbert W. Armstrong, who denied the biblical teaching of the triune Godhead, and promoting other false teachings. More recently, World Vision Canada was seen to be hosting an Armstrong based seminar at their headquarters. When confronted with this, they seemed to cancel the cult’s usage of their facilities. This has changed.]

Living Church of God Back on Schedule at World Vision Canada Headquarters [Excerpts]

Those of us who lauded World Vision Canada for giving the Living Church of God's seminar the boot may have spoken too soon.

Today we learned that LCG's "Tomorrow's World" seminar has been rescheduled for June 4 at World Vision Canada's headquarters. LCG's seminar was originally scheduled for May 14, but was cancelled after many ex-Armstrongists contacted World Vision.

World Vision officials [said] that the seminar was cancelled because the building would be closed for cleaning on May 14. The same message, however, stated that the organization was going to revisit its rental policies given what had unfolded with LCG.

Calls and messages to World Vision Canada were not returned as of the time of this posting.

Previous messages from World Vision Canada to ABD gave the impression that LCG insinuated the "church" had discarded Herbert Armstrong's teachings and came from the now-evangelical Grace Communion International. Of course, anyone familiar with LCG still adopts Armstrong's teachings and came out of his Worldwide Church of God cult long before Joseph Tkach embraced mainstream Christian doctrines.

World Vision allows groups use meeting space in its facility to promote good community relationships, and they state that this practice does not mean they endorse the positions of every group that uses its space. That's reasonable, but we're not talking about the Rotary Club or the Boy Scouts. World Vision is an evangelical Christian relief organization; LCG is a cult that mocks evangelical Christians and preaches a false gospel that directly contradicts World Vision's Statement of Faith.

We are not trying to silence LCG's freedom of speech here. Notice we're not fighting the cult's planned use of the Ottawa Best Western Plus for a seminar on May 28; nor did we take issue with the United Church of God's April 10 seminar at the Embassy Suites Airport in Columbus, Ohio. We don't advise attending them, but we're not making any phone calls or painting picket signs.

What we take issue with is LCG's attempt to cloak its Armstrongist teachings in the skirts of the very evangelical Christianity it mocks. With its attempts to welcome, disarm and woo moral, God-fearing people with the smiles of Haitian children. Shame on you, LCG. And frankly, shame on you, World Vision.

("LCG Back on Schedule at World Vision Canada Headquarters," AsBereansDid Online Blog, 4/19/16)