Heretic |

TBC Staff

Bishop Carlton D. Pearson has come to the attention of secular media by preaching a "Gospel of Inclusion" (Universalism), teaching that Christ’s death reconciled all mankind to God (which to him means that all are saved) and that the only remaining supposed separation between man and God exists in minds unenlightened by this "truth." (Carlton Pearson, "Jesus Savior of the World/Gospel of Inclusion -- Position Paper"). For Pearson to hold this doctrine, it is instructive to consider his view of the Scriptures as noted in an interview:

"I won't get into great detail but I’m just saying, that which we revere as the most sacred lexicon of truth on the planet is not necessarily -- and any true scholar will tell you -- infallible or inerrant. . . ." (NPR, "This American Life," “Heretics," Program 304″).