The High Priests of Scientism |

TBC Staff

When human beings turn from the worship of the Creator, it rarely means they worship nothing at all. [We have] noted how the Apostle Paul outlined the process of humanity’s turning from worshipping the Creator to worshipping the creation. (Romans:1:22-23) He stressed how mankind would even worship things creeping on the Earth – yes, bugs. Many today might consider themselves too educated, sophisticated, and erudite to worship bugs, slugs, and things crawling under the rugs. But they do indeed worship something. Modern men are engaged in practicing a newer religion, Scientism. Scientism appears even now to be the official religion of our Federal Government. How can we say Scientism is a religion? Scientism has official doctrines which cannot be questioned. Those who dare question the orthodoxy of Scientism are viewed as heretics – and the high priests of cancel culture go to work to rid society of such troglodytes.

Adherents to the religion of Scientism have a creed that they invoke right before making scientifically unproven claims – “We follow the science.” They often trot out a seemingly unassailable – in their minds at least – assertion when mere mortals question any claim they make. “The science is settled.” One true thing about real science is that it remains open to further refinement and/or testing in most cases. However, having turned from the Creator, for Whom, of course, all science IS settled, the priests of Scientism freely exhibit their hubris by asserting, for example, that humans control the weather, manipulating the thermostat for the entire planet. Humans, they insist, turn the global temperature up or down, melt polar ice caps, change weather activity, cause the oceans to rise, and whose actions or callous inactions can even determine whether “hurricane season” is relatively mild or disastrous. All these things that used to be understood as being far beyond human control are now somehow our own doing. It might seem humorous if these high priests were not demanding full control of everyone and all nations to force what would undoubtedly be disastrous changes in our world, affecting all of us deleteriously. Freedoms we now take for granted will be lost – are being lost.

—Don & Joy Veinot (Co-founders of Midwest Christian Outreach).