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Hindus force Christians to 'reconvert' [Excerpts]

Hindus have confronted a group of Christian evangelists, forcing them into a nearby village temple to perform a ritual to "reconvert" them to the Hindu religion, according to a new report from the Voice of the Martyrs which is documenting some of the increasing persecution by Hindus around the world.

While this most recent physical attack was reported by VOM sources inside the Indian state of Orissa, other attacks - albeit verbal - also have reached into the United States.

A report from the Hindu American Foundation accused a long list of Christian organizations, including some providing aid in India, of promoting hatred.

"The proliferation of websites promoting religious hatred is an unfortunate consequence of the universality of access to the internet," said Vinay Vallabh, the lead author of the report.

Among those targeted verbally included the Southern Baptists' missions board, Gospel for Asia and the Minnesota-based Olive Tree Ministries, which aims its ministry at teaching Christians about their beliefs.

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[Hate, as defined by the user, is a politically correct tool used by many. It is the Hindu nationalists which have stepped up their campaign of persecution (including killing converts) and who then accuse Christians of promoting hatred.]