In His Image |

TBC Staff

    One cannot logically believe both in evolution and the environmental movement. Evolutionists should neither be concerned for “endangered species” nor for the ecological well-being of this planet. If man,as a result of the evolution of his brain and nervous system, succeeds in destroying the earth in a nuclear holocaust or ecological disaster, that must be accepted as a natural act in the evolving universe.

     The mere fact, however, that man can reason about ecology and the survival of species indicates that he is not the product of such forces, but, having the power to interfere with them, must have a higher origin. Man was created in the image of God. Only an intelligent Creator could have brought mankind into existence. Consequently, the solution to human problems is not in hugging trees and getting in touch with nature and listening to the earth, but in getting in touch through Jesus Christ with

the God who made us, and in submitting to His will.

     Dave Hunt, The Berean Call, July 1997