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Hollywood “SDA” Appoints First Transgender Elder [Excerpts]

Hollywood SDA church's motto is "Where God's Spirit is Given Space to Change Lives."  

Change can be a good thing if it is biblical change, which is going from bad to good. But back on December 12, the Hollywood Adventist church conducted an interview celebrating another type of change, namely going from male to female.  

The woman (Kirsten Salvador) who interviewed "Rhonda Dinwiddie", announced that Rhonda is now an elder at Hollywood SDA church, and a full time SS teacher. Among Rhonda's interests are the "Occupy Wall Street" movement, women's ordination and the movie "Seventh-gay Adventists." "Rhonda" claims that the Akers movie Seventh-gay Adventists was a life-changing experience, and paved the way for him/her to join the Hollywood Adventist Church.

This is an unprecedented move within the Seventh-day Adventist movement. One wonders if the recent 21-page document released by the Andrews Seminary paves the way for this kind of gender confusion to be welcomed into the church....

(“Hollywood “SDA” Appoints First Transgender Elder,” Fulcrum7.com News [An SDA news source], 1/6/16).

[TBC: Among the qualifications of an elder, Scripture states that they must be a male (1 Tim:3:1; Titus:1:6; The husband of one wife (1 Tim:3:2; Titus:1:6); Have children who believe (Titus:1:6); and must hold fast to the Word (Titus:1:9).]