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TBC Staff

Hollywood’s Green Hypocrisy [Excerpts]

In the wake of the success of James Cameron’s paean to Gaia-worship, Avatar, the Hollywood heavyweight has been given an even bigger forum to spread his version of environmental dogma. It’s always ironic when a member of the jet-set wags a finger at the masses, warning us proles to clean up our acts and pursue “sustainable” lives. It would be fitting if some rich conservative fellow bought Tinsel Town’s iconic sign on the hill and added a few words, so that it would read: “Hollywood – Home of Hypocrisy.”

There are exceptions of course. Ed Begley, Jr. actually walks the walk and that seems to work for him. One can respect Begley’s commitment, even if it’s ultimately a pretty pointless exercise. For the most part though, green Hollywood is all about the “do as I say, not as I do” school of thought.

Back to James Cameron. The environmental activist recently said that it’s his duty to spread the green word and save a “dying planet.” How would James Cameron accomplish that? Well, it certainly wouldn’t involve economic growth or anything. Here’s what he told MSN in a recent interview:

“The solution to any one of these problems is interrelated to the solution to all of them, and it’s very simple: we have to stop population growth and we have to stop industrial growth. And this is not gonna happen. It’s so heretical to everybody trying to recover from a recession economy – ‘we have to stimulate growth!’ Well, yeah. Except that’s what’s gonna kill this planet. And until we get that through our skulls, all of the good causes and all of the fundraising and the little band-aids that we keep sticking over problems are not really going to make a difference.”

Got that? A recession might be bad for you, but it’s great for the planet. Imagine all the good that would come of a full-blown depression! If the analysts who fear that the out of control government spending and the unsustainable debt that the current administration is accumulating will lead to the collapse of the American economy are right, Barack Obama may go down in history as the man who saved the planet, at least in James Cameron’s world. Perhaps that’s the master plan. It makes as much sense as anything else.