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TBC Staff

     Sacramentalism, which is the heart of Roman Catholicism--the belief that liturgy’s form and formulas transmit spiritual power and that salvation comes through the sacraments--too readily creeps into Protestant thinking as well. (Many Protestants still believe that baptism saves, taking the bread and cup brings life, etc.) Alas, we are all Eve’s children by nature and still prone to follow the ways of Cain and Babel.

     Every place of worship, Catholic or Protestant, which has been adorned for the purpose of hallowing it or gaining God’s favor or making worship more acceptable, violates Exodus:20:24-26 as well as the rest of Scripture. All such “sanctuaries” are monuments to man’s rebellion and his proud and perverted religion of self-effort. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to fall into the error of imagining that belonging to a church and periodically “worshiping” in its “sanctuary” makes one a Christian and compensates for one’s lack of consistent, personal holiness.

       ---Dave Hunt, The Berean Call Reprints, June 1993