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TBC Staff

Homosexual researchers 'in denial' [Excerpts]

A West Coast psychologist believes pro-homosexual researchers are not being honest regarding children raised in homosexual homes.

Dr. Trayce Hansen took a close look at studies done by homosexuals in which they concluded that children suffer no adverse affects when raised by homosexuals. But she contends the studies prove there is harm.

"Many of these researchers are trying to conceal these findings because they believe that if the public were aware of them, if the public was aware that these children are different from other children, [the public] would be less supportive of the pro-homosexual agenda," Hansen maintains.

According to Hansen, the studies actually reveal that boys raised by lesbians are more feminine than other boys, and girls raised by lesbians are more masculine than other girls. In addition, children raised by homosexuals entered that lifestyle more often than those raised by heterosexuals.

"Young adults who were raised by openly homosexual parents were more likely to engage in homosexuality and to later self-identify as bisexual or homosexual -- and it's quite a stark difference," Hansen shares. She notes that 24 percent of children raised by homosexuals or lesbians had experiences with the same gender, while zero percent raised by heterosexuals leaned in that direction.