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TBC Staff

California court will give home-schooling ban a second look [Excepts]

Attorneys from the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) requested that the court reconsider its February 28 decision, and it complied. The court ruled against a family whose child is enrolled at Sunland Christian School, a private home-schooling program in California, and said that parents who educate their children at home could be criminally liable under California law. The decision drew a large outcry from families around the country, many of whom argued that the real issue is about state control of children.
Gary McCaleb, senior legal counsel with ADF, is thankful the court has reconsidered and is ready to have his day in court.
"We're very pleased that the court has granted a rehearing in this case. It's extremely important to parental rights and the right to home school in California for this father and throughout the United States. So we're looking forward to presenting our arguments in court, and seeing if we can't turn this around," McCaleb contends.