The House of Cards Religion |

TBC Staff

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding (Proverbs:9:10).

One well-known pastor has recently stated that, if we ask our young people to believe something, because “The Bible tells me so”, then we are creating a house of cards religion. What happens, he asks, when they go to college and find that the walls of Jericho did not really come down, or that what they have been told about the world being created in 6 days is at odds with the fact that the universe is 14.7 billion years old?

There are many teachers today, who state that they believe every word of Genesis as fact, but that it doesn’t mean what you think it means, and you can’t understand it without knowing what these clever new teachers have written about it.

Such utterances betray a lack of trust in the Bible – a feeling that we cannot trust the truth of the Bible on its own merits, without finding external evidence to prop it up.

The truth is that evidence does not speak for itself. Evidence is always interpreted, according to a person’s worldview. What we should be saying to our young people – and our older people – is that you can trust the Bible, and give them the tools to handle it correctly. Let’s have less fear of what the world says, and more confidence that, when God spoke through Scripture, He did not make a mistake, so we should submit to what He has said through His Word.