How the Gender Industry Broke Bill Nye ‘the Science Guy’ |

TBC Staff

We millennial products of US public education will almost universally recall a 1990s fixture of elementary school science classes, Bill Nye “the Science Guy.”

Back in 1996, when he hosted a children’s science education program  — in an era when terms like “transphobia” had yet to be invented — Bill Nye had a decidedly biology-based view of sex and gender: “‘Inside each of ourselves are these things called chromosomes, and they control whether we become a boy or a girl,’ a teenage narrator explains. ‘There are only two possibilities: XX, a girl, or XY, a boy.'” Straightforward, sober, science-based standard fare –what one might expect from an educational pop culture personality dubbed “the Science Guy.”

How the winds of change can erode the landscape in two decades. That was 1996, this is 2017 [when Nye says]: “Understanding of human sexuality and gender identity continues to evolve. In particular, the transgender rights movement has given voice to Americans who were largely silent—or silenced..." [when Nye’s episode first aired 21 years ago.] "Moreover, our understanding of the psychological and physiological underpinnings of gender continues to evolve."

Fundamental biological facts do not change in the course of 20 years. “Continue to evolve” is code for “create pseudoscientific corporate fiction in violation of basic cornerstones of human biology.”

In a YouTube clip from 2017 titled “Bill Nye On Sexuality and Gender Spectrum“, Bill explains to his audience: “Female or male, gay or straight, pink or blue. We were taught to see these as binary. Now we’re realizing it’s more like a kaleidoscope. And this stuff isn’t just for adults. Parents know this already. Kids explore gender, expression, attraction before they’ve ever heard of a spectrum.”

The media-medical-industrial complex (MMIC) has targeted children more intensely in recent years, instantiating concepts such as “gender fluidity” into their young psyches – too young, in fact, to critically analyze the ideology they are fed.

Such indoctrination programs are most stark in so-called “drag queen story hours” for schoolchildren in which cross-dressing men read MMIC propaganda to children as young as five under the guise of spreading “diversity” and “tolerance.”

The magnitude of this cultural shift in gender identity cannot be overstated. Disney – another corporation Nye has worked closely with (and litigated against) over the years – recently cast its first transgender cartoon character.

None of the posturing and bowing to the transgender lobby, however, changes chromosomal reality. So long as humans maintain natural selection and inherent biology – meaning, so long as the transhumanism revolution can be staved off – the two-sex paradigm is simple biological reality.

There has been, is, and — as long as nature is allowed to run its course — forever will be two and only two distinct sexes.

So what happened here? Did science, as Nye claims, undergo a revolution in terms of its understanding of basic biology? Bill Nye’s public utterances on transgenderism came coincidentally – or perhaps not – with the 2017 premiere of his Netflix series, Bill Nye Saves the World. Along with the rest of the US corporate media, Netflix has very publicly, consistently promoted and normalized transgenderism.

So, who owns Netflix which generates $2.2 billion in annual revenue? A slew of corporate and individual investors, many of which have extensive ties to the gender industry.

What happened to Bill Nye is clear: given the sociopolitical reality of the 21st-century corporate media landscape, “the Science Guy” modified his stance on fundamental biology in exchange for access to the halls of fame and fortune — as celebrities free of moral convictions are apt to do.