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TBC Staff

How Did Anything Last Long Enough to Figure Out How to Evolve?

While no evolutionist, to my knowledge, has attempted to explain this all-important fact of life--the ability to reproduce--here is what they believe: The one-celled animal that got going due to lightning striking the ocean, at the same time was able to make an exact copy of itself by splitting in two; then, somehow, it became little plants, and somehow “figured out” how to reproduce very quickly; then they made it into very complicated trilobites, and…then the fish process of procreation developed, which is like nothing else, which then evolved back to the insect mode of reproduction; then decided to fertilize eggs in the female and have the female leave them in the water to fend for themselves, and then they got animals that can’t live out of the water to live out of the water and start skipping the “abandoned egg” process and let the babies hatch inside, and then nursed them; then these miracles of “unconscious” experimentation got to be dogs, came up with an ear bone that would work fine in water, lost all other dog characteristics and became a whale, back in the water…Well, they kept the baby-inside process, till it hatched. But somewhere in there, they came up with leaving eggs outside on the ground to hatch….And don’t forget the marsupials, the shrews, the kangaroos, wolves and lions. They all decided it would be nice to evolve a little pouch around their waist and give birth to their young prematurely, and move the nipples (and some even skipped those) inside the pouch, and then some very intelligent one-celled animals decided to take a little from everybody and came up with duck-billed platypus, who went back to laying eggs in holes in the ground….

Joe Taylor, Fossil Facts & Fantasies, Mt Blanco Publishing Co., 1999