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TBC Staff

Hymns Make a Comeback With Top Artists
The oldest Christian music may again become the hottest -- if the term "hot" can be applied to hymns, that is. Over the coming months, several Christian artists will release their versions of hymns. In the recent past, that's been a job for Bill Gaither, who appealed to a decidedly older audience. Now, folk rockers Jars of Clay and Ashley Cleveland, MercyMe leader Bart Millard and urban sister trio Out of Eden are rolling out their first takes on the classics; Amy Grant is releasing her second such project. Trend-watchers prognosticating the next twist in modern worship may find what's next is more like "what's past." Part reaction to the worship music craze hitting a saturation point, part churchgoers' desire for more lyrical depth in their worship, hymns are poised to retake their former place in churches, and take a shot at the radio charts as well. According to many artists, it's about time (Religion News Service, Volume 3, Number 13, April 7, 2005).