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TBC Staff

Scientists have tried to discover how birds can navigate so accurately. They have found that they use the stars, the sun and the earth’s magnetic field to achieve their pinpoint accuracy. It is also thought that they can hear the noise of waves breaking on the shore as a further guide. Their ability to use the earth’s magnetic field is due to sensitive crystals in the nose....

Birds have been set free over the open sea up to 1368 km (820 mi) from their small island home, to which they eventually returned. Other birds have been drugged or their cages continually turned so that they were completely disoriented, but they still found their way home. The conclusion was that they must possess a real sense of geographical position, i.e., they know precisely where they are on the globe, and which direction to fly to reach their nests. How this is done completely baffles those who have spent years experimenting in the subject.

All these abilities are known to be quite instinctive and already built into the minute brain of these small creatures. The problem is, how did it get there in the first place?....It has been noted that caged migratory birds hop and flutter in their cages in the direction that they would have taken had they been free, even changing direction at the precise time they would have done so in navigating in the wild....If this migratory information is genetically inherited, then this presents a problem for evolutionists. The information for undertaking any long and dangerous journey has to be correct, for any error would result in the death of the bird. Changing any such instructions genetically by numerously small stages by mutations could not have produced the necessary information correctly at all stages; like so many other features in nature, it has to be “right the first time.”

In considering the problem of migration, there seems to be only one reasonable solution. The necessary instructions and navigational abilities could only have been carefully planned and implanted in the birds by a Master Planner.

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