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You are listening to Search the Scriptures Daily, a program in which we encourage everyone who desires to know God’s truth to look to God’s Word for all that is essential for salvation and living one’s life in a way that is pleasing to Him. We’re going through Dave Hunt’s book In Defense of the Faith as a resource for tough questions regarding the reliability of the Bible. These are questions people have addressed to him over his many years of ministry, and, I have no doubt some have troubled many of our listeners. Dave, one of the reasons I have personally been blessed by In Defense of the Faith is that it encouraged me to consider issues in the Bible that my habit had been to sort of blow past, and because of that tendency I missed a lot of things, which now I find really strengthen my faith. And, hopefully, our going over such issues will be an encouragement as well as to our listeners.

When confronted with uncomfortable questions from atheists and agnostics, cultists and pagans, or skeptics and mystics, do your once-firm convictions begin to crumble and compromise? Do you tend to take flight—or instead, are you able to stand firm and “earnestly contend for the faith”? (Jude 3)