Immoral Bibles |

TBC Staff

TBC: Critics of the Scripture often say that it is filled with immoral and impure stories which make it pornographic. The following comments concerning one of Thomas Paine's "criticisms" illustrate this very well:

"A Bible student would do well to examine whether the critic simply projected his own immoral thoughts into the text in question. Close examination of moral criticisms often reveals the predisposition of the skeptic to find what he wants to find, and nothing else. Consider this telling statement by Thomas Paine: 

" '. . . I come to the book of Ruth, an idle, bungling story, foolishly told, nobody knows by whom, about a strolling country-girl creeping slily to bed to her cousin Boaz. Pretty stuff indeed to be called the word of God. It is, however, one of the best books in the Bible, for it is free from murder and rapine' (p. 110)." 

"Such a perverse portrayal of the innocent act of Ruth is the epitome of a depraved mind. One has but to read the book of Ruth to see that such a picture is completely foreign to the actual event and characters involved. 

"The alleged moral incongruities of Scripture cited so frequently by skeptics are only the distorted delusions of men who wish to find fault with the faultless God of eternity. God has set the standard for morality, and the Bible consistently pictures Him acting in agreement with it" (Lyons, Dealing with Alleged Moral Atrocities,

[TBC: Going one step further, ask a skeptic whether or not he'd be willing to share Bible stories with his friends for the sake of titillation.]