Internet Spiritual Deceivers |

TBC Staff

It’s amazing that some, who sincerely profess to know the Lord and teach His Word, appear to have no conscience when it comes to their own obvious deceit. One such character is the owner of domains that cover nearly every slight variation of For example, if you leave out the word “the” and type or www.bereancall. com. you go to his website, which, by the way, has a title similar to TBC’s radio program, Search the Scriptures Daily. More serious to us than his lack of ethics is the fact that he promotes teachings completely at odds with The Berean Call’s understanding of the Bible.

At first we thought we were the only ministry this deceiver was using to his own advantage, but we have since learned that he is doing the same to others. Be advised and avoid this ministry which is a reproach to the name of Christ (Rom 16:17).

T.A. McMahon