Islamists wage "soft Jihad" |

TBC Staff

Islamists wage 'soft jihad' to give students sanitized view of Islam [Excerpts

There was plenty of drama at the Homeland Security Committee hearing earlier this month with Rep. Keith Ellison's (D-Minn.) tearful testimony leading media coverage. Ellison, the first Muslim-American to be elected to Congress, was among those Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) invited to testify at the March 10 hearing to investigate possible terrorist recruitment within the American Muslim community. Ellison complained to the committee that the proceeding was "the very heart of scapegoating."

Nevertheless, committee chairman King has declared that the hearings will continue. The committee will investigate radicalization of Muslim Americans in U.S. prisons, strategies of al-Qaeda and other organizations to recruit Americans, and how the Department of Homeland Security plans to address the "increasing radicalization of individuals within the United States."

King's committee should also investigate the Islamist indoctrination taking place in America's schools.

The fact is, government schools have been using textbooks that glorify Islam and denigrate Christianity for some time. Such materials give children a favorable view of Islam and a negative view of Christianity and the Judeo-Christian heritage.

Of particular significance is the portion of the [American Textbook Council’s June 2008] report regarding seventh-grade world history textbooks, since many seventh-grade curricula, following the lead of California schools, now require students to receive instruction and engage in activities to learn about Islamic history, culture, the Qur'an, and the religious practices of Muslims.

The report notes that "textbooks reviewed avoid all conflict and bloodshed in describing Islam's push out of Arabia and rapid conquest of most of the Mediterranean world. They fail to explain how Islam spread in the seventh and eighth centuries. Islam appears out of nowhere, spreads smoothly and by implication without conflict. Once it was common to say that Islam was spread by the sword. Now, textbooks implied, it moved peacefully, with traders. Islam is brought to apparently willing populations."