'It's Just a Miracle': COVID-19 Patient Gives Birth to Twins While in Medically Induced Coma | thebereancall.org

TBC Staff

Dr. Perpetual Uke, a rheumatology consultant, thought she’d lost her babies when she regained consciousness and realized she was no longer pregnant...

“I couldn’t see my bump and I thought my babies were gone,” she said.

In March, Dr. Uke was taken to Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital after contracting COVID-19. As her condition worsened, she was placed on a ventilator before finally being put into an induced coma.

Dr. Uke’s due date was mid-July, but the babies were delivered in April at only 26 weeks. The doctors made the decision to perform an emergency C-section fearing for the health of the babies.

Dr. Uke’s twins were significantly premature, with a typical gestational period of at least 37 weeks compared to their 26 weeks. Her daughter Sochika Palmer weighed 27oz at birth, while her son Osinachi Pascal was only 30oz.

The twins were brought to a specialist neonatal intensive care unit at Birmingham Women’s Hospital while she recovered in a coma for 16 more days. When Dr. Uke finally came out of the coma, she was delirious and feared for the health of her babies.

“I had nightmares,” she told Metro. “I was delusional, I couldn’t see my bump and I thought my babies were gone and all my family had died. It was a very, very worrying time for my husband and kids and, even after I woke up, I couldn’t see my babies for more than two weeks.”

Dr. Uke was later transferred to the same hospital as her children before she was discharged, followed by her twins — 116 days after their birth. The twins emerged from the hospital happy and healthywith the whole family finally coming together in August.

“Coming home was the real healing point for me,” she said. “It’s just a miracle what happened, to come out of this.”