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Tozer, A W

God has not bowed to our nervous haste nor embraced the methods of our machine age. The man who would know God must give time to Him.

A. W. Tozer
The Divine Conquest

Jesus said, “Ye cannot serve God and Mammon” (Mt 6:24). He did not say, “Ye cannot serve God and the Devil”…[which] would be almost pointless…. [W]ith every movement of material progressiveness, His word becomes still more searching, more arresting…. The worship of Mammon…is the deification of human will…a will that insists upon the subservience of others…[and] worships[s] a deity whose scepter of power is the possession of wealth.

G. Campbell Morgan
The Crises of the Christ

Death in ten thousand shapes hangs ever over our heads, and no man can elude him.

Iliad, Eighth century B.C.

In this world of corruption there is real danger that the earnest Christian may overreact in his resistance to evil and become a victim of the religious occupational disease, cynicism. The constant need to go counter to popular trends may easily develop in him a sour habit of faultfinding and turn him into a sulky critic of other men’s matters, without charity and without love….

As a cure for the sour, faultfinding attitude I recommend the cultivation of the habit of thankfulness…. A thankful heart cannot be cynical.

A. W. Tozer
The Root of the Righteous