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Wolfe’s smooth, engaging book chronicles the rise of the megachurch, both its sociology and its theology.  While virtue is important, sin is couched in the language of therapy, not theology.  Wolfe himself, a non-believing Jew, writes: “But somehow I am not pleased with this retreat from sin, for the ease with which American religious believers adopt nonjudgmental language and psychological understanding of wrongdoing is detrimental to anyone....”

   David Wolpe, senior rabbi at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, in his review of Alan Wolfe’s book,The Transformation of American Religion

[TBC: That an unbelieving Jew and a rabbi are concerned with the decline of biblical truth in the professing evangelical church in America ought to sound an alarm for all Christians.]

Research continues to reveal a steady theological collapse among professing Christians in America. Secularists, liberals, and Muslims do not need to fear conservative Christians, says Dave Shiflett in The Wall Street Journal. They [conservative Christians] don’t really believe that there is such a thing as the heathen, tending to believe instead that every religion is equally valid.

   Gene Edward Veith, “Unbelieving born-agains,” World, 12/6/03

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof [i.e., the gospel which is the power of God unto salvation]...they will not endure sound doctrine....

   2 Tim:3:5; Rom:1:16; 2 Tim:4:3