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TBC Notes - A Physically Finer 2009er

McMahon, T.A.

A Physically Finer 2009er

Dave and I are looking forward, by the grace of our merciful Lord, to a healthier year ahead. Dave's recovery from a series of physical afflictions and medical procedures has been slow, but his definite progress has been encouraging. The primary hurdle remains a lack of stability due to increased nerve damage suffered from replacing an earlier hip replacement that deteriorated. We are praying that a physical therapy regimen and lots of walking will solve the stability problem.

My season of affliction, resulting in four surgeries over a six-month period, came to a very good ending last month. All the procedures, from a large (benign!) tumor removal, to a temporary ileostomy, to months of self-catheterizing, to putting me back together, by the Lord's mercy were very successful.

As Dave mentioned the other day, he believes the Lord has more for us to do. That would seem to be the case, because throughout all of the above, and by His wonderful grace, we've been no less productive and fruitful than any year previous to 2008. We both are humbled and deeply thankful for your outpouring of prayers on our behalf.

T.A. McMahon
Executive Director