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Dear T. A., Dave, and Berean Family,
Each month The Berean Call points us to the only compass for this journey, and that is Jesus Christ and His Word (Num:6:24-26).

I have been unemployed for seven months now, yet I see it as a chance to grow deeper in the Word and closer to the Lord Jesus....Another co-worker got laid-off the same day as I did, and the events in her life really were more tragic than mine. However, when things were at their lowest, she...asked me what was the thing that made my life different. After several meetings, she accepted the Lord as Savior and our friendship has developed in His Name. I say that to give Him the Praise! This seems to have opened a door to witness to others....I am not worried about the job outlook--He will provide. MU (PA)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Thank you for the books. I just want you to know the Holy Spirit was right on time. I [had] asked for information on the Faith Movement...but, Praise God...you sent [instead] the books and information I needed to help a fellow Christian....Thank you! JS (prisoner, AR)

Regarding your "Jesus Prayer" broadcast and your distaste for Greek monks, one  thing you will find on Mount Athos is Christians living their faith 24 hours a day (not making a commodity of it). AK (email)

Dear Brother Dave,
I owe you an apology. [A while ago] I asked, "What are you for--not against?" before I even really read much of the book, Occult Invasion. I [had] glanced at a few pages and it seemed to be accusatory....But, that "still small voice" said "check it out," and I was very surprised that you are a "bold-as-a-lion" believer and very, very courageous to put in print all such material. What a mass of info you have there! Please do send the newsletter. I'd be honored to receive it. Really sorry, I feel lower than a snake. In the future I won't be so hasty to make a judgment about something: lesson learned! DK (VT)

Dear Friends,
The Lord has used your articles to help my wife and me to rightly discern the Christ-like position and call in these perilous days and times. Sometimes my emotions and anger well up in me as we see unrighteousness and wickedness abounding in these times of America's history....Please be encouraged to continue in the fight for God's truth in the midst of the darkness all around us! TM (CO)

Mr. Hunt,
Some years ago I had become so lost, and then I came across a book...called The New Spirituality....[I]t scared me so much because I had seen much of what it spoke of, if not in my own life then in the lives of others close to me. I knew that what you and Tom McMahon were saying was true! I...did not want to put the book down--it was bringing light and truth into my life-and hope. It was pointing me to God's Word and His way. Some time after this, I truly came back to the Lord Jesus....Thank you, Mr. Hunt, so much for your ministry. So often your books have shed light on issues I've had difficulty finding the answer to--scriptural answers. HW (Australia)

Dear Dave and T. A.,
Thank you for the knowledge you are sharing with us all. My friend turned me on to you guys in April. Since then I was reborn....I have been searching for a church...and it is very difficult.... I used to be a [SDA] and my friend was a Catholic. We are so thankful we know the Truth....[I]t changes your life forever!...After today I will have listened to and read the entire Bible! I am not stopping there because I have a lot to learn. I am so glad the Lord led me to you guys so that I would not be misinformed.... NG (OR)

Dear Dave and Tom,
Thank you so much for your tireless work for God's Kingdom and strong and uncompromising stand on God's Word. [Y]our commentary on God's Word is both uplifting and encouraging in a time when God's church has become lukewarm and compliant to the world's ideology. I am trying to be vigilant and stand strong for the Lord in His church but I am often met with complacency and indifference. DB (MO)