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I am a regular subscriber to TBC and have read a number of Dave's books. I am almost finished reading Cosmos, Creator, and Human Destiny. What a remarkable book! What research! As a published author, I was contemplating writing a book that would show the futility and ignorance of evolution and "big bang" arguments. However, after seeing Dave's magnificent treatment of these subjects, I shall direct my efforts elsewhere. I would like to know whether your book has come to the attention of today's atheists. If so, they surely would be unable to answer its charges. I am saddened that, because of health problems, Dave is unable to continue his radio broadcasts. I used to listen to them regularly. May the Lord comfort Dave and sustain him in his enterprises. AB (email)

Dear Dave Hunt and Staff,
I so appreciate the way you handle contributions--[it's] not the way many Christian ministries do today. You never offer a book or CD as a motivation for a gift. You do offer books and CDs if someone wants to order, but never in conjunction with a gift. I want to commend you for this. As a Berean, I see no example of Paul, Peter, or any of the apostles trying to motivate giving by offering a gift.

[W]orldly marketing skills [are] so accepted in the church today....Thank you for being a ministry of integrity and earnestly contending for the faith. God will continue to keep TBC.... NR (VA)

Dear Dave,
I can hardly contain the continuous joy, even in prison. Not that I don't have some periods of loneliness and despair, but these are much shorter. I remember back to my teen years, and my 20s, I had partial weeks of despair and unhappiness. Drug abuse and alcoholic addiction robbed me of peace. My mom would preach Jesus [but] my brother and I would be disrespectful to her. She passed into glory in 1996. I miss her but her prayers for me to be saved are answered.... MB (ID, prisoner)

Hello Dave,
Trust you are well. We've been praying for you since we heard of your recent health challenges. This email is to thank you for giving us a copy of your book What Love Is This? about 5 years ago. We should have read it sooner. Turns out we have been attending a church that is pastored by a Calvinist. We knew something wasn't quite right through the years, but when our pastor recently told me I should not teach...that man has a free will, or has a choice regarding salvation (which I've been teaching in our missionary work for over a quarter of a century), I knew I needed to find out what was going on. Your book hit the nail on the head. I did not understand what Calvinism was, and now I know to stay away from it. I resigned from being Chairman of the Board and have left the church. As we are missionaries supported by the church, it is a rather awkward situation that we appreciate your prayers on. We've endeavored to leave quietly, but I am upset that this teaching is continuing. We were at the church before the pastor. I wish I had asked him if he were a Calvinist when he applied to serve. But I didn't know what that was! Thank you for speaking the truth in love. We continue to appreciate your ministry of truth in these last days. [T]he Lord is good no matter what, and continues to bless the precious work.... JC (OR)

Dear Dave,
A friend of mine on Facebook posted a link to your A Woman Rides the Beast video. I had some time today to watch and listen and just wanted to send you a note of encouragement for your ministry. Thanks for exposing the Roman Catholic Church for what it is and helping spread the gospel from an end-times perspective. JC (email)

Dear Mr. Dave Hunt,
I'm from Romania [and] I have found on YouTube some of your conferences and I enjoyed them very much....I have learned many interesting things from you and I would like to read your books but I haven't found them translated into Romanian. Anyway, I wrote you to thank you and also to congratulate you for your work and to tell you that I felt happiness in my heart each time I heard or read something from your researches.

I think that we all talk or write from the bottom of our hearts. As for you, I think your heart is very warm as God likes! I hope my bad English will not make my message hard to understand! God bless you! PD (Romania)

Dear Dave,
Thanks again for all the things you've shared over the years. You have been a blessing to us. My wife and I have reached the age when our strength is beginning to fade. Nevertheless, we praise the Lord for His faithfulness and look forward to being with Him. I've always wanted to be in the group that meets Him in the air. May He come soon, Rv 22:20-21! KL (MS)

Thanks for your presentation of the "Unlikely Hero" by Paul Wilkinson. As I read and reread this article several times convictions arrived in my heart: A pastor who gave all (his life), a pastor who believed in the Bible, a pastor who had a good life to live—a daughter, [an opportunity to] return overseas to minister. But he had a higher calling from God, to spread the message about the Cross.

I searched my heart and only one answer came to me. My life has not been devoted 100 percent to God and His ways. Christ paid the ultimate price for my sins. Yes, I failed God. I have asked for forgiveness for my old life and by grace alone He has forgiven my ways. John Harper may not know how his story was used by God in my life.... RD (TX)