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Dear Friends,
I join the many who write to thank you dear people for The Berean Call. Our prayer is that the Lord would keep you and strengthen you in your health and keep you safe from evil....The article on modern psychology has been a big help. Please don’t quit. Remember, the church around the world needs this material in major languages. CT (TN)

Dear Berean Call,
We truly look forward to your newsletter as it feeds our hearts and gives us news to pray for and to be aware of...and great teaching! We thank God for you and hold you in our prayers. We live in a rural, isolated area. Our closest neighbor is a half mile from us! M&BH (OR)

I just wanted to let you know how excited I was to hear Keith Gibson on your radio program. I’d never heard of your ministry but recently discovered you through WorldViewWeekend. What makes me excited is that Keith was the first person I could find that had any knowledge and experience in dealing with IHOP. Unfortunately, my oldest daughter was exposed to IHOP shortly after starting college in 2008....I even gave her my blessing when she asked me if IHOP was okay. I based my decision on IHOP’s statement of faith that was posted on their website. When my daughter asked me to do a Bible study with her based on Mike Bickle’s Book of Revelation Study Guide, I realized that I had made a horrible mistake. It only took me the first five pages of this book to realize my mistake!

All of 2009 I researched and studied IHOP (its past, about Mike Bickle) but the  hardest search was finding someone that had any firsthand knowledge and experience with IHOP. When I discovered Keith not only had knowledge and experience, but was in their backyard, I made contact with him and drove to Kansas City to attend a talk he was giving [about] IHOP.

[While there] I was also able to meet several people who came out of IHOP. I learned more than I could imagine about how destructive an organization like IHOP can be to an individual. I attended an IHOP event and saw some of the most bizarre activity I ever saw in my life. These kids seemed emptied of all truth, yet I was in a place that claimed to teach the Bible. Please consider my use of the word “emptied.” What I saw and heard confirmed my worst fears, that my daughter was part of a cult. Thank you for helping Keith get out his message. ND (IL)

Dear Berean Call Staff,
For the last few years you have given me much encouragement to stay steady. It’s not that I wanted to abandon the ship of faith; it’s that too many folks simply can’t believe that such popular personalities could be so misleading and, frankly, successful in the “business” of Christian TV and books.

I’ve stood against the prayer shawls, The MessageJesus Calling, and any number of known figures on the current radar screens in the faith lives of folks within our congregation. They are sweet, loving, kind, giving people and don’t possess a clue that they might be mistaken in accepting the latest and greatest best-seller on the market....It all goes to show that even the most sincere of us can be misled without in-depth scriptural studies, and, sometimes, even in spite of it! GN (MN)

Dear T. A.
In Jan 2006 you issued an invitation to readers to join in your attempt to read the Bible through in a year. Ashamed of my paltry knowledge of Scripture. I took up the challenge. Towards the latter half of 2006 my life was turned upside down and I began to go through a period of trials worse than any I had faced in the past. It was that challenge and the immersing in God’s Word that provided the strength I needed to get through those trials, which lasted for a few years. I continued to read it through the next year and now read it through four times a year. It has become an urgent habit. Thank you for that challenge and I hope that this encourages you. GM (email)