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I just wanted to say how much I appreciate David James’s discernment (from God) about the potentially false prophet in Cahn. I’d noticed that his date for a stock market disaster has come and gone, but I realize that only God can hold our fragile economy together for His purposes. I know God uses the evil one’s plans to fit into His purposes; there’s not a thought anyone thinks that He does not know altogether! How can we not put our trust “toward” such a God as ours! PC (email)

I used to look forward to every issue and read them in one sitting, as well as keep them for reference. It’s no longer the case. It’s bookstore advertisement of the same old books and the same old complaining articles. What’s happened here? Where’s the content? The BC has lost its wind since the Hunts have died. Too bad. SI (OR)

As a former devout Roman Catholic who was marvelously saved by the gospel of Jesus Christ, and who was introduced to Calvinism by a pastor that I was really getting close to, I applaud your [December] article. My pastor friend gave me a book on Calvinism, thinking I would “buy” what it was selling; instead I wanted to throw up. “If God is like this,” I thought, “What God is this?! Surely not the God that I came to trust through the knowledge of His Word!” After reading Dave Hunt and other God-honoring authors, I came to see exactly why Calvinism is such a misapplication of the Word, and how it terribly impugns the loving nature of God. PS (email)

Dear Folks,
I want to thank you for carrying on Dave and Ruth Hunt’s legacy. I do so appreciate all the great material you make available….I pray God continues to give you health and safety for all you do for the Lord…. CK (OR)

Dear Tom and Staff,
We have noticed over the past few months the conflict between TBC and ministries/teachers who support a non Pre-trib Rapture position. While…both sides state it is not a position that we should divide over, it seems to be escalating. Therefore, we have decided we would like to be removed from the TBC newsletter and any other correspondence. While we don’t always agree with every position TBC holds, we have respect for the ministry and teachings. The infighting within the body of Christ is not sustainable and detracts from His glory. Rest assured, we are sending a similar letter to Moriel Ministries. M&CB (OR)

Dear T. A. McMahon,
I just watched your video on YouTube on The Bible vs. The Bible according to Hollywood. I just want to say thanks for giving this sermon. It has needed to be done for a long time….You would be surprised at how many “evangelical Christians” out there would argue the point of the ends justifying the means. I have conversations with friends about this very topic and they take offense….My wife and I left mainstream Christianity and the mega church that we attended many years ago. We actually started reading God’s Word for ourselves and the Holy Spirit convicted us to leave. The real issue for us today is that we can’t seem to find a church. We have tried and left so many…. BH (email)