“Jazz Hands” Demand Creates Universal Eye Roll | thebereancall.org

TBC Staff

Manchester University wants audiences to use "jazz hands" after a speech or performance – meaning waving or shaking their hands – because clapping could "trigger" people with anxiety issues.

In other word, clapping got a thumbs down in public after the student union voted to be more inclusive to "minority groups" on campus. 

Cue the backlash and mockery. "Britain's losing its mind," Piers Morgan, the former CNN host, tweeted.

British media outlets quoted an autistic Manchester graduate who mocked the decision with some British vulgarity, and a parent said her daughter who suffers from sensory issues needs noises to help her cope.

Author and conservative activist Janice Crouse [noted] that clapping has been part of human culture for thousands of years.

"And I don't think anybody is well served," she observes, "when you insulate children with special needs from the routine sounds that they're going to have to live with."

The student union predictably retreated from the decision, claiming that it was "swapping out" but not banning clapping despite its own press release that stated clapping was "banned" at student union events.

(Kellogg, “'Jazz hands' demand creates universal eye roll,” OneNewsNow Online, 10/9/18).

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True spirituality has nothing to do with psychology (1 Cor:2:11), a fake science based primarily on man's rationalizations, i.e., self-deceptions. True spirituality isn't something to which man's wisdom (1 Cor:1:20) can contribute, nor can man validate the teachings of the Scriptures. As a Christian, true spirituality is a product only of our submission and obedience by His grace to His Word (Jn:14:15). The idea that man can add anything to God's way is utter folly. Who would even dare? Yet as obvious as that answer should be, the psychospiritual delusion continues to grow.

See: https://www.thebereancall.org/content/psychospiritual-approach-1]